Dawn Sinkowski

Case study for geolocated AR performance

identity, interaction, web design

Irene Alvarado & Fernando Gregório

Cloud Passeng/AR is a proposal and high fidelity prototype for an XR enhanced public performance.

At Fondation Louis Vuitton, chance encounters with geolocated dancers activate an interactive AR experience and public performance.
Inspired by Lil Buck's 2016 improv performance at Fondation LVMH, Cloud Passeng/AR becomes a collaboration between audience and performer in public space.
Cloud Passeng/AR injects the surprise of impromptu dance into a museum for bystanders in the general public. Imagined as a site-specific augmented reality experience, the piece uses geolocated performers scattered throughout public galleries, triggered by roaming audience members.
Performers are afforded an opportunity to respond dynamically to a crowd within a public space, with the additional element of surprise, never knowing when their performance will be summoned.
For AR equipped audience members, Cloud Passeng/AR is a multilayered experience that allows them to become an unconscious yet active part of a public performance. The piece offers a number of media rich entry points to be enjoyed, disregarded, engaged. For unsuspecting museum goers, the performance plays out as pure improv.
video: Andrew Margetson for Nowness        dancer: Lil Buck       musical score: Euvgeni & Sasha Galperine