identity, production design, video projection. print 

artist & director:
Dan Siegler 
lighting design:
Davison Scandrett

sound design:
Tyler Kieffer

recording engineer:
Rowan Brind

Robert Siegler

Concrète Jungle is a musique concrète-inspired collection of voices, composed and live mixed by sound artist Dan Siegler.

For an evening length premier at The Invisble Dog in Oct 2019, Siegler needed a material environment that supported the performance.
In addition to Siegler's live mixing, the performance included improvisational dance interludes from Pam Tanowitz and Netta Yerushalmy and musical solos from violinists Tomoko Omura, Paluine Kim Harris, cellist Greg Chudzik and vocalist Christina Campanella.
The venue provided a raw space, rich with possibility but lacking a formal stage. Creating a performance space within was achieved with a gridded floor that is remnicent of the city itself. 
The photographic archive of Siegler's father, Robert, provided immediate visual inspiration for what became an abstract animated video projection that underpinned the show.

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